Live At Slaughter Club

Available Digitally Worldwide on 30th November 2022


1 - The Alliance 4:53

2 - Conquering the Plain 4:30

3 - The Gaul 4:55

4 - Shadow of The Eagles 4:16

5 - See No Evil 5:54

6 - Total War 4:59

7 - Druids in the Forest 6:39

The LP was recorded at Slaughter Club in Milan the 1st of October 2022 during the last night of main supporting act to the Blood Stained Italian Assault tour of Venom.Inc. Recorded by Carlo Meroni, it was later mixed and mastered by him at ADSR DECIBEL Studio. Listen to our LP free on Spotify, or buy it on iTunes or Amazon mp3, or physically on our Store.
Marco Rustici played lead guitar replacing injured Andrea Baraldi, special roadie for one night.