Songwriting report 1

After the great gig in Brescia, we are ready to give you some news about the upcoming album, actually in the songwriting phase. Two songs are already finished. One of them, Shadow of the Eagles, has been played live for the first time last Saturday. As we already said, the album will be about the Boii, a gallic tribe who conquered Northern Italy before the rise of the Roman Empire. The first song finished is called "They Burn". This song talks about the conquer of Bologne by the gallic tribes defeating the Etruscans approx on 390 B.C.. The song, very fast and aggressive, describes the barbaric frenzy that crushed the Etruscans and portraits Felsina (Etruscan landmark of Bologne) put on fire. The second song completed, Shadow of the Eagles, talks about the rise of the Romans. The song describes the battle of Sentinum (295 B.C.) that allowed Rome to unify Central Italy. After this battle, Boii and Rome were doomed to meet for the control of Northern Italy. Stay tuned for more songwriting reports, we also released a new video (the Twilight of the Thunder God cover, recorded live in Brescia the 8th of February) available in the video section of the site or here.

News Published on 2014-02-10 04:36:10