New Album and Line Up

A lot of news guys!
1)As you may already noticed, we parted ways with Mauro Leone and Claudio Nasi. They will remain our friends and brother forever and we wish them all the best for their lives. Michele Perla and Luca Marmi (Unbirth) joins us officially as full time members.
2)30th November 2022 will be out WORLDWIDE and DIGITALLY on all platforms "Live At Slaughter Club", recorded during our main support to Venom Inc Italian Tour. No editing guys but only sound equalization, our true attitude in which you can listen to the new members! Presave Link Here and Youtube Video of Total War (live) here!
3)We are working on the new album! Lot of material has been written, we can't wait to disclose more on album concept and music, stay tuned!

News Published on 2022-11-18 16:24:46