Ways Of Death


1 - Way of Death 4:27

2 - Demon Mask 3:28

3 - Mankind's Greed 4:31

4 - See No Evil 5:34

5 - Our Persecution 5:10

The EP was recorded at ZetaFactory Studio, one of the best available. Recorded, mixed, engineered by Dysfunction Productions and mastered by Alessandro Vanara, the five songs create a terrific wall of sound. Listen to our EP free on Spotify, or buy it on iTunes or Amazon mp3.
The EP is a concept about the ways of death, who are how a man can lose his way in life. The first song, Way of Death, speaks of madness and psychopathy, Demon Mask speaks of oppression given by those who exploit you. Mankind's Greed speaks of the oppression given by a society devoid of values. See No Evil speaks of oppression from religion, when it is only rituals and not spirituality. Our Persecution speaks of depression.