Italian tour with Venom Inc.

We'll proudly support Venom Inc., the band of the legends Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan and Mantas, for 3 exclusive shows:

Jumpscare will complete the roster together with guests in every show.

Tickets available from 07 February 2020 at starting from 18 euros.

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Apocalypse Extreme Agency

To make the most of our work we needed a partner. We signed with Apocalypse Extreme Agency, one of the best management and promoter in Italy, to give a boost to our career. We join a roster that includes iconic bands such as Bulldozer, Schizo, Distruzione, Electrocution...
The agency will book our show and manage our image on media.

Stay tuned!

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Surgere et Cadere out now!

The brand new album, Surgere Et Cadere, is out NOW worldwide. GET IT HERE

The LP was recorded at ZetaFactory Studio and Dysfunction Studio. Recorded, mixed, engineered by Giuseppe Bassi of Dysfunction Productions and mastered by Giuseppe Bassi. Listen to our EP free on Spotify, or buy it on iTunes or Amazon mp3, or physically on our Store.
The album is a concept on the history of the Boii, a proud Celtic tribe who invaded northern Italy in 390BC conquering Bologna (They Burn). Then, they spread across the Po Valley (350 BC - Conquering the Plain) starting to face a menace from the south: the rise of the Roman Republic destined to build an Empire (Shadow of the Eagles - Battle of the Sentinum, 295 BC). They lived bravely focused on warfare and comradeship (The Gaul), but the war with Rome was a matter of time. A huge Celtic alliance was made to face the Romans, but they were massacred and conquered after an initial win (The Alliance - Battles of Fiesole and Telamone, 225 BC). The pride of the Gauls couldn't be kept down, so they start a huge rebellion when Rome was distracted by Carthago on the second Punic war along with all the population conquered (Total War - Second Punic war, 218-201 BC). Rituals were performed by druids to foresee the future (Druids in the Forest), and with the favour of the Gods the Roman were ambushed in the Selva Litana. A huge victory for the boy who killed two legions and the consul Lucius Postumius Albinus making a cup of his skull (Sacred Selva - Battle of the Selva Litana, 216 BC). Unfortunately, the revenge was inevitable. After the end of the Punic War, Rome turned all of its power against the Boii, making a genocide of free men on Modena. A culture destroyed along with a dream of freedom, the end of the Boii (Mutina Capta Est - Destruction of Modena, 193 BC).
All the stories told in the lyrics, even if they are dramatized, are based on true accounts of Romans historian. Join us in this journey on forgotten times on which thousands of men died for freedom.

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New album name and teaser trailer!

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Claudio Nasi joins Karmian

We welcome in our family Claudio Nasi as new bassman! Claudio already plays for Vengo Dentro (We cum inside in English) band, the rock'n'roll project featuring Karmian members and in the band the Screwed. Very soon, you'll have details on upcoming album release, stay tuned!

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Gabriele leaves the band

It is with deep sadness that we announce that Gabriele Gabrieli, friend before bassman, has decided to leave the band. We wish him the best for his personal life. New bassman will be announced soon, together with news on the upcoming full length album. Stay tuned!

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Karmian, after a long process of songwriting, are pleased to announce that the recording of the first full-lenght will take place in December 2017. Karmian will work with long-time friends from Dysfunction Production, as for the first EP Ways of Death. Dysfunction guys worked with artists like Logan Mader, Tue Madsen and Fear Factory, they know what we want and they know what to do to reach it, so stay tuned for more news coming after summer.

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Evo for Denis Open Air

Karmian has been confirmed last minute in one of the greatest festival of 2015 in Emilia Romagna. Evo for Denis is a charity event to remember Denis Barbieri, admin of Evo Forum. Along with Karmian, the festival will feature Dark Lunacy, Distruzione, Tossic, Suicidal Causticity, Demiurgon, Crawling Chaos, Deceptionist, Dead Soul and Atomic Blast. If you are a true metalhead, Saturday 27th of June is the date, Kaleidos in Povigliano (RE) is the place. All the info in the live section of the site or here.

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Store section available!

We have launched our OFFICIAL STORE, with bundles and special offers available. You can reach it from our official website in the STORE section. We have also been confirmed at the "Festa della Musica 2015" Fest in Brescia. Three days full of metal at Circolo Colony. Below the full bill:

  • Friday 19 June
  • 20.30 - Sazernyst
  • 21.20 - Grind Zero
  • 22.10 - Trolt Waren
  • 23.00 - Lehmann
  • 23.50 - Helion
  • 00.40 - Karmian
  • Saturday 20 June
  • 16.30 - Shantak
  • 17.20 - Merciless Attack
  • 18.10 - Deviated
  • 19.00 - Soman 19.30
  • 20.30 Dinner
  • 20.30 - Harkane
  • 21.20 - Nevernight
  • 22.10 - Cruenta Lacrymis
  • 23.00 - Avelion
  • 23.50 - Krygar
  • 00.40 - Hellvadec
  • Sunday 21 June
  • 16.30 - Alpha Bleeding
  • 17.20 - Coffin Surfer
  • 18.10 - Iena
  • 19.00 - Kayleth
  • 19.30 - 20.30 Dinner
  • 20.30 - Midnight Vice
  • 21.20 - The elements
  • 22.10 - Althea
  • 23.00 - Kezia

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Songwriting Report 2

2015 has already been a crazy year of hard gigs in Italy, more will be announced soon. In a no hurry mood because we want to be fully satisfied of the material produced, we are also songwriting hard songs for upcoming first full length. The first songwriting report can be found here. Three more songs are finished, they tell of the second Punic War from the Boii point of view, of the battle of Selva Litana (Latin in the lyrics!) and of a great gaulic alliance to resist the roman interference in Gallia Cispadana. Other 2 songs are on the way to completion, and 2 are on the first stage of developement. The long creative process is bringing our sound to more brutal and raw territories, still keeping our swedish old style attitude. We hope to release some teaser in the summer, so stay tuned!

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Karmian on Metal Aggression

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Tour Afterwords

It was a very long way to come in Slovakia and Czech Republic, but it was damned worth it! Great audiences, great people met, very special treatment reserved for us. We really enjoyed the warmth of the audience, seeing people headbanging every mid-tempo and start to shake and pogue everytime bpm goes up is priceless. We would like to thank all the guys crazy in first lines in Hummene (the chef guy offering us whiskey and his friends top), great venue for concerts, Peter and all people at F-Pub in Stropkov (you are the craziest guys ever met, a very raw metal night!) and all the people at Black Rock , Slatina (when people shout after every encore "one more song! one more song! one more song!" adrenaline goes at the highest level! Sound engeneer was a master, incredible stage). Special, very special, thanks to Stucy and La Ask from Black Rock Pub, you give us an uber treatment, you are in our hearts forever. Last, but not least, very special thanks to Marek and his MASS Production who received the duty of organizing the tour from Black Cloud. Very special person, very reliable. You said to us: "If you have any kind of problems during the tour, write me and there will be no more problems". We only need to write to Marek: "Everything perfect bro!". Thank you friends, thank you for enjoying our music, we will see again, for sure!

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We are glad to annouce a mini tour in Italy, Slovakia and Czech Republic! We start in Italy at Colony with Frantic Amber, then the Borf Festival with band like Logical Terror. At the end of October Slovakia and Czech Republic will then be punished by our Death Metal! Stay tuned, as the songwriting of new album goes on.

  • 26.9 @ Circolo Colony - Brescia - IT - with Frantic Amber
  • 03.10 @ BORF FESTIVAL - CARPI - IT
  • 23.10 @ LIVE CLUB - HUMENNE - SK
  • 24.10 @ F PUB - STROPKOV - SK

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Songwriting report 1

After the great gig in Brescia, we are ready to give you some news about the upcoming album, actually in the songwriting phase. Two songs are already finished. One of them, Shadow of the Eagles, has been played live for the first time last Saturday. As we already said, the album will be about the Boii, a gallic tribe who conquered Northern Italy before the rise of the Roman Empire. The first song finished is called "They Burn". This song talks about the conquer of Bologne by the gallic tribes defeating the Etruscans approx on 390 B.C.. The song, very fast and aggressive, describes the barbaric frenzy that crushed the Etruscans and portraits Felsina (Etruscan landmark of Bologne) put on fire. The second song completed, Shadow of the Eagles, talks about the rise of the Romans. The song describes the battle of Sentinum (295 B.C.) that allowed Rome to unify Central Italy. After this battle, Boii and Rome were doomed to meet for the control of Northern Italy. Stay tuned for more songwriting reports, we also released a new video (the Twilight of the Thunder God cover, recorded live in Brescia the 8th of February) available in the video section of the site or here.

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Gig in February

We will be live, along with thrashers BlackAge, at Pub Birreria Altrove the 8th of February. Great beers and metal music assault, don't miss it! More info in the live section or on the Facebook Event.

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New bassman announced

Gabriele Gabrieli, experienced bass player, joins Karmian. From 1992 to 2000 he was singer and bassman of the Death Metal band Agony. New priorites in life made them split and he retired from stages, but in 2012 the call of metal was too strong. He started to play bass with Soldiers, coming home to Death Metal joining Karmian. We are very proud to be again a band of five and to have his experience in!

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New Live Announced

We will be live, for the first gig of 2014 and the first gig of the new bassman with us (he will be announced soon) with Keep the Promise (Hardcore metal) and Macina (Heavy Metal). More info in the Live Section of this site.

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First Full Length!

We decided to do somenthing new, somenthing great. Our first full length will be a concept on the history of the Boii, a Gallic tribes who conquered northern Italy from Etruscans in 390 B.C. . After 200 years, they were defeated by the Romans in a epic battle near Modena: the fall of a tribe, the rise of an Empire! The sound will be our pure swedish death metal, stay tuned for more news on how this great story will be told. The expected release date is late 2014.

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See No Evil Lyrics Video

News Published on 2013-11-27 18:43:37

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Sirignano leaves

Andrea Sirignano, Karmian bass player since May 2012, leaves the band. He decided to try a new musical career, far from metal. We wish to him all the best things in music and in life!

News Published on 2013-11-27 18:41:18

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Way of Death New Video

News Published on 2013-11-27 18:38:12

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2013 Gigs are over

After 15 shows, we need rest to write new material. No more dates will be announced, we will be back in January with new dates in northern Italy!

News Published on 2013-11-27 18:33:04

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Almost sold out

Karmian would like to thanks all the fans who purchased Ways of Death EP. Physical copies of the EP are almost sould out. You can still buy your digital copy on iTunes or on Amazon mp3.

News Published on 2013-11-27 18:30:04